Extrication tools

Hydraulic extrication tools

Hydraulic extrication tools for rescuing passengers in road or rail accidents and natural disasters: spreader, cutter, combi tool, telescopic arm.

Battery-powered extrication tools

Battery-powered extrication tools: robust, compact, with high-intensity integrated LED lights and ergonomic freely-rotating handle.

Pumps for extrication tools

Hydraulic pumps for extrication tools. Petrol or electric driven. With oversized couplings for ease of use, multiple tool outlets and BOOST mode.

Lifting jacks

Lifting jacks operated manually or via pump. Easily maintained, ruggedly designed, reliable in the most challenging conditions.

Rescue struts

Rescue struts that stabilize vehicles and structures, so that rescue operations are done under safe conditions.

Rescue gloves

Rescue gloves ergonomic and certified, for the most difficult working conditions. Microdrops nozzle lightweight and easy to use, combines high extinguishing capability with minimal water and foam consumption.

  • Demonstration at your premises.
  • Installation in firefighting vehicles.
  • Maintenance from trained personnel.
  • Repair in our workshop.
  • Seminars of theoretical and practical training.