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Fire hose reels

The most decisive factor for a successful fire attack is a quick reaction time, so that the fire is not given time to grow to a fullscale blaze. Unlike fire hose cabinets where the entire lay-flat hose must be unrolled and then connected to the valve and the nozzle before attacking the fire, all we need to do when operating a fire hose reel is to pull as much length of semi-rigid hose we need and immediately attack the fire

Fire hose reels tend to replace fire hose cabinets in installations where it is crucial that immediate response is needed, such as IKEA stores, Leroy Merlin, Lidl and others. Fire hose reels are also mounted on fire trucks, usually at a pressure of 40 bar at the pump outlet. We are pleased to supply POK’s fire hose reels, of high reliability and durability, certified to the corresponding French and European standards.

  • Types: wall-mounted, floor-mounted, vehicle-mounted, earthquake-proof.
  • Extinguishing medium: water, foam.
  • Sizes: from 3/4’’ to 1 ½’’.
  • Hose lengths: from 20 to 80 m.
  • Certifications: EN, NF.
Fire hose reels POK