Foam equipment

Foam equipment performs two functions: 1. Mixing water and foam concentrate, using foam proportioners and 2. Expansion and spraying of the foam produced towards the fire, using appropriate foam nozzles & generators. We supply in-line type proportioners that operate at a specific flow and pressure and can supply a single nozzle (made by POK in France), as well as mechanical type proportioners that operate at a wide range of pressures and flow rates, being able to supply multiple nozzles (made by FIREMIKS in Sweden). Foam nozzles add air to the foam solution produced after mixing, thus producing foam, which is then sprayed onto the burning material. Foam branchpipes and monitors, high-expansion foam generators and foam chambers for liquid fuel tanks are just some of POK’s foam producing equipment, which you can find in every corner of Greece.

In addition, we supply POK’s mobile foam units, which combine an in-line inductor, nozzle, hose and foam concentrate in a complete wheeled unit that is ready for immediate use at all times, offering vast coverage for a small investment. Ideal for industrial installations.

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Proportioners in-line

In-Line proportioners – or inductors – operate using the Venturi effect, according to which the inlet water’s pressure is used to suck up a specific amount of foaming liquid (1-6%). Our team can guide you to select the appropriate inductor, considering the flow rate and the pressure drop across the firefighting piping network. Construction materials: hard anodized aluminum, bronze, stainless steel.
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Proportioners firemiks

Unlike in-line inductors, FIREMIKS mechanical dosing units operate at a wide range of flows, pressures and viscosities. The water at the inlet of the device passes through a positive displacement water pump and sets it motion. The water pump drives a foam pump (also of positive displacement type) which then sucks a specific amount of foaming liquid (1-6%), enabling us to supply multiple nozzles at various pressures and flow rates. FIREMIKS units are FM Approved.
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Low expansion

Low-expansion nozzles achieve a considerable throw range, enabling us to attack the fire from a safe distance. Nozzles, branchpipes, diffusers and sprinklers of low and medium expansion are available in sizes from 1.5’’ to 8’’. They are constructed of hard anodized aluminum, bronze, stainless steel.
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High Expansion

High-expansion foam generators increase the volume of foam produced up to 1500 times and are usually installed for total flooding of enclosed spaces. Portable or fixed to the firefighting network, they are often used in warehouses with shelves that are not accessible by an overhead sprinkler system, as well as in high-risk facilities such as airplane hangars. They are constructed of hard anodized aluminum or stainless steel.

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Mobile units

Mobile foam units are wheeled trolleys consisting of an in-line inductor, a low-expansion foam branchpipe, a hose and a foam tank containing adequate quantity of foam liquid. Considering that the first 2 minutes of a fire are crucial to a successful extinguishment, the mobile foam unit is ideal for immediate fire attacks, as it is ready for use at any time.
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Foam chambers

Foam chambers are used to protect liquid fuel tanks. The foam produced is fed into the inner wall of the fuel tank and then spreads over the entire surface of the liquid fuel. With good quality foam and a working pressure of 7 bar at the inlet, the foam produced expands to a volume 8 times bigger than the foam solution at the inlet.