Microdrops Systems


Microdrops motorcycle

The FIREXPRESS BMW motorcycle carries a stand-alone firefighting system consisting of a microdrops nozzle, a 30m long semi-rigid hose, two premixed water-foam tanks and a 300-bar pressurized cylinder that drives the system.

The motorcycle has been tested for its structural integrity and safety by BMW. Based on the police motorcycle model, it can optionally carry emergency lights and a siren. Due to its excellent maneuverability, the FIREXPRESS firefighting motorcycle is the optimal solution in cases where the firefighter must go through heavy traffic to reach a vehicle on fire. The product carries the BMW warranty.

  • Capacity: 2 x 25 liter tanks containing premixed water and foam.
  • Nozzle flow rate: 22 lt/min.
  • Nozzle range: 11m.
  • Hose length: 30m.
  • Applications: automobile accidents.
Microdrops motorcycle FIREXPRESS